weavershand Card Weaving Study based on the book, Card Weaving by Candace Crockett, continued.

Assignment 2, part 1

Read chapter 4.

For this chapter on Pattern Drafting and Designing we will do some drafting and weave a little more on Band 1. First, however, get out the graph paper and read pages 51 through 54. Try out some of the drafting techniques.

If necessary re-read pages 55 through 59. (Note, there are some errors in the photo captions, on page 58, figure 4-16, the second sentence should read "In the band on the right," and in the last sentence it should read, "In the left band".)

If you need help, ask! Use Band 1 and weave the following:

This is a good opportunity to turn the selvedge cards separately, four toward and four away. You will counteract the twist that occurs in a band where all the cards are turned in one direction. Push cards numbered 1 and 10 forward from the rest of the pack. That way you will remember to turn them differently from the rest of the cards.

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May 11, 2000
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