Tablet Weaving Gallery 11

Judy Chapman - Canada

I love to make bags. I have a small collection from around the world as well as the ones I make.

This evening bag is a threaded-in gold, purple & white pattern using 5/2 cotton. Three 2" wide bands were sewn together edge to edge for the main body of the purse. A band was then joined by machine stitching horizontally across the top after the ends are machine stitched together. It is then folded down over the top edge of the bag. The remaining strap is stitched at the back and under the the folded edge and simply hangs over the front with a small decorative closure that I purchased in Thailand. The inside of the bag is lined with purple satin.

The body of this bag is handwoven, made with black 10/2 perle cotton in a 2/2 twill weave. The tubular strap is tabletwoven in a diagonal double turn design. The closure is a tabletwoven loop that fits over the button (thanks to Peter Collingwood's book that details how to do that) and the decorative trim is a double-faced design that is top stitched to the centre of the bag before assembling. A diagonal double turn trim surrounds the top of the inside lining. This is not visible until the bag is opened. The lining is a black cotton commercial fabric.
Eight bookmarks were joined edge to edge to make this bag. The strap and sides are a second narrow band woven flat and wrapped around the sides of the bag, then stitched by hand to form a tube for the strap. The lining is a turquoise satin to match the turquoise rayon yarn, the navy yarn is 5/2 perle cotton.
This unlined perle cotton bag is handwoven and the 1 1/2" wide strap is tabletwoven with 5/2 perle cotton in Andean Pebble Weave. The warp ends are twisted at the bottom sides of the bag. The band down the front of the bag is simply decorative.
"Hidden Treasure" pendant. The unlined outer bag is made from three bands joined vertically, the centre band has a double-faced motif, the side bands are light/dark twill patterning. The top of this bag is closed with small openings at each end for a cord to pull through. The cords connect to the top of the inside bag. When the satin lined inner bag is pulled down, more light/dark patterning is revealed. The small bag is large enough to contain small items such as a comb, mirror, coins, cards &/or keys. Beads have been added to the fringe at the bottom. The tabletwoven bands were woven with 10/2 perle cotton.

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December 28, 1999
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