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Tablet Weaving Gallery 12

Nigel Haslock also known as Fiacha MacNeill

Nigel is an English emigree living near Seattle, Washington (US). He has been active in the Society for Creative Anachronism for many years where he is known as Fiacha Mac Neill. He has been card and inkle weaving since 1985.

The 'Anglo Saxon' technique as described in Peter Collingwood's book Techniques of Tablet Weaving (TTW) was used to weave this belt. It is made of cotton rug warp, 28 tablets, half turning on each pick. The reverse is identical.
A simple double face weave was used for this piece made of cotton rug warp, 24 tablets (4 selvedge, 20 pattern). It is Intended as a belt favor, i.e. a token of appeciation bearing designs personal to the maker and intended to be worn at SCA gatherings.
The upper figure is an interlaced snake eating its tail, the middle section represents a pair of leaves and finally appears my name and the year it was woven. The detail photo is of the loop end.

Nigel can be reached by e-mail.


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January 26, 2000

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