Tablet Weaver's Gallery 20a - Ellen Shipley, USA

Time Warps: Piecing Together the Past

These urns are double faced weave, woven in 10/2 mercerized cotton, maroon and ginger, to mimic an old vase. They are woven in strips and then sewn together. I made a vase-shaped frame out of foam core art board and covered it with gauze dipped in a flour and water paste, dyed with coffee or tea (whichever I was drinking that day).
I wanted the effect of a Greek vase unearthed from ruins. I used strips that were woven in Greek patterns taken from actual Attic era vases because I am partial to the geometric designs of that time, but these vases are of my own design. Each strip was either 72 or 36 cards wide, depending on the run on the loom. The horses, for instance, are 72; the Greek keys, 36.
"Proof" of Ancient Astronauts. ( ;-j I have no shame.)


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February 11, 2001
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