Tablet Weaver's Gallery 23 - San Francisco Waldorf High School, USA

Students from Patricia Townsend's 10th grade class in 2001, learn tablet weaving along with inkle weaving and using floor looms. These are the tablet weaving bands they have made. Click hereto see their inkle bands.

Jason Varvoutis, Peruvian monkey from Double-Faced Tablet Weaving: 50 Designs From Around the World by Linda Hendrickson
Cara Kritikos, Andean pebble weave
Jared Fine, variations on a Kivrim design
  • Guy Noren, Egyptian pattern from Byways in Handweaving by Mary Atwater.
  • Romana Ferretti, threaded in cowboys
  • Paige Whiteside, explorations in chevrons
  • Olivia, double ram's horn
  • Laura Pingree, Finnish pattern.

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March 23, 2001
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