Tablet Weaver's Gallery 24 - Linda Hendrickson, USA

  • Warp-twining, with all tablets turned continuously in one direction, based on a traditional band from Telemark, Norway. Cotton and metallics.
  • Warp twining, with some tablets turned continuously in one direction, and some in the pattern area turned 4F, 4B. The Ram's Horn design from Anatolia. Wool.
  • Two-strand warp twining with plain weave borders. My technical reproduction of a band from Sumatra, Indonesia. Cotton.
  • Motifs of the Mamasa Toraja of Sulawesi, Indonesia, in the double-faced weave (3-span warp floats in alternate alignment) with warp-twined borders. Cotton.
  • A combination of regular warp-twining (striped areas) with two-layered warp twining (solid black or white areas), woven using the pasaka principle. This technique was developed by Peter Collingwood based on an Indonesian method for weaving such fabric. Cotton.
  • Two-hole Andean pebble weave (3-span warp floats alternating in pairs), a technique developed for tablets by Marijke van Epen. Warp-twined borders. Alpaca.
  • Two-hole Andean pebble weave with warp-twined borders. Cotton.

    See more of Linda's work and her teaching schedule on her website.


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June 24, 2001
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