Tablet Weaver's Gallery 26 - Tablet Weaving Exhibition at Nederlands Centrum voor Handwerken, Breda, The Netherlands, Spring 2001

Photos by Marijke van Epen and Annelies Hart

Bands by Marijke van Epen.
A collection of bands from the Balkans, most of these are originals.
Brocaded bands made by members of the guild, recreations of finds in Birka (from the book of Egon Hansen).
Bands (detail) by Marijke van Epen, recreated from pictures of the famous finds from the Celtic burial chamber of a nobleman in Hochdorf, Germany.
This labyrinth is double woven by Freerk Wortman.
Detail of a neckpiece in the missed-hole technique by Linda Malan, guest exhibitor from USA.
The custom of wrapping a baby in cloths, fastened with a silk band containing good wishes and beautiful patterns was an old tradition in Iran. Annelies Hart made the band and she had professional assistance with the method of tying.
Brocaded band by Jan de Vries from a photo from Peter Collingwood's book The Techniques of Tablet Weaving.
Dutch tablet weavers guild member, Jaap van Scharrenburg, is also a master working with straw. This beautiful mask belongs to the ancient traditions of the Ukraine and Byelorussia. The mask has tablet woven bands round the horns and head.

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November 6, 2001
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