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Tablet Weaver's Gallery 27
Fall 2001 TWIST Sample Exchange

Two Color Weaver's Choice

Claire Gerentet, France, cotton.

Margaret Speer, USA, Double-face, design source is a Scandinavian knitting pattern, #20 crochet cotton.

Shirley Berlin, England. Shirley Berlin, based on a two tablet design by Doris Wiklund from Swedish Lapland and a fringe from Latvian Weaving Techniques by Anita Apinis-Herman (ISBN 0 86417 658 9), unknown threads, four tablets, two wefts, a thin binder and the fringe weft, same as the warp.

Ellen Turner, USA. threaded in design, tablets turned forward continuously, 8/3 unmercerized cotton.


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November 6, 2001
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