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Tablet Weaver's Gallery 28 - Jenny Kosarew, England

This bookmark is 0.9" wide, 6.4" long plus 0.7" fringes, woven in 10/2 mercerised cotton with 32 tablets, using the double-faced double-weave technique

I had made this warp intending to weave bookmarks with a Celtic knot pattern for a weaving list exchange, but after September 11th, I was finding it very difficult to weave at all. I felt that it would help if I wove something that expressed how I was feeling. I chose the message as my personal antidote to all the despair and hatred that I was seeing everywhere.

I needed to do a quick piece in red, orange and/or yellow for the Braid Society exhibition. I had also wanted to try tablet weaving with 60/2 silk for quite a while, and I happened to have some in both red and yellow, so this seemed an ideal opportunity. As it was my first attempt with silk, I wanted something fairly straightforward.

I started by using the continuous warping method with 12 tablets, then transferred the near end of the warp onto a knitting needle lashed to 2 uprights, but wove only half the warp (just warp twining) to form the loop. I then adjusted the warp around the needle so the two ends of the loop were level and added 2 pairs of border tablets, passing one of each pair through a shed along with the weft.

The rest of the band was woven in double-faced double-weave. I finished with a few picks of warp twining, removing the border cards by passing them through the shed with the weft and then ignoring them (one per turn over 4 turns). These ends were cut off as close as possible to the selvage when the bracelet was finished. I then split the remaining warp first in half, then into the two colours, and twisted it into 2 cords.

The bracelet turned out to be about 1/4" wide.

You can see more of Jenny's work at her web site.


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December 3, 2001
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