Tablet Weaver's Gallery 30 - Summer 2003 TWIST Sample Exchange - Personal Challenge

Carla X. Gladstone, USA. Original design. Tightly twisted cotton for crochet (about the same size as 10/2). Flora brand from Lacis.
Guido Gehlhaar, Germany. Original design. Pebble weave. Cotton 14/2
Eva Sandermann Olsen, Denmark. Original design. Pebble weave, technique from Marijke van Epen’s book Anders Kaartweven. Mercerised cotton 20/2.
Helen Bills, USA. From Card Weaving by Russell Groff, pattern #51, “Wild Geese Flying.” Mercerized combed cotton crochet thread, Rebekah brand.
Margaret Speer, USA. Transposed tablets from Egon Hanson’s book Tablet Weaving, band titled “Elisenhof: E-417.” Warp: Linen 6/2, Wool 6/2, Weft: Tencel 10/2.
Shirley Berlin, England/Canada. Reproduction of an old band given to her that was partially finished using triangular tablets. Multiply ends of fine mercerized cotton.

Barbara Stultz, USA. From Card Weaving by Russell Groff, pattern #13, diamonds, single and double. Crochet cotton #10, Wal-Mart.

Barbara A. Solheim, USA. Tencel 10/2 from her shop, Quiet Corner Creations, Illinois.
Claire Gerentet, France. Linen, design from Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter collingwood, p. 230, 1982 edition.

Susan Millikan, Canada. Top, Double face, original design and bottom, Egyptian diaginols from Tablet Weaving by Anne Sutton and Pat Holtom. Cotton 2/8.
Shahla Amina, Iran. A strap for a leather bag (Mefrash) much like those used by the nomads in Iran for keeping bed clothes clean and in order. Goat hair. Anne Rock, USA. Band with transposed tablets. Cotton Classic (100% mercerized cotton) by Tahki Imports, from Dharma Trading , California. Annelies Hart, The Netherlands. Orginal design, source of inspiration; early medieval textiles at Maaseik, Belgium. Plain tablet weaving, threaded in pattern in the border above the fringe, in-lay, brocade, soumak, and fringe. Cotton with acrylic, cotton DMC, rayon.

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August 1, 2003.
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