Gallery 13 - Rodrick Owen, England
Title: Dorothy's Jungle Shoes

The inspiration for Dorothy's Jungle Shoes came from reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series of novels and the journey the characters took; revisiting the Wizard of OZ tower on their way.

The silk braids for the shoes are all plain weave structure. The multi-coloured uppers are single braids stitched together to form a bias fabric. The uppers could have been made from one single wide braid, but I was interested in experimenting with the single braid version to understand the process. The straps were begun with an unsupported point the oval buckle was chosen to accentuate the colour of the strap. Another plain multi-coloured braid runs around the edge and under the insole of the shoe to complete the design. The shoes Uk size 4 were assembled and made by Jackie Claxton using the 'Last' of Prescott & Mackay in their London workshop.

Rodrick can be reached by e-mail.

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May 17, 2004
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