Gallery 15a - Jennie Parry, England

Lighten Our Darkness

This piece was fired by the concept of
a) the creation of light & darkness, the first day, in Genesis,
b) the ever changing time for Fajar, at the moment of dawn,
c) the changing length of day & night during the four seasons in our country.

I echo the rhythm of seven days for each season, using 60 bobbins for each braid, exchanging the layers after 30 moves seven times, there are 24 strands of silk on the bobbins.

Excited by the placing of a white thread placed next to a black to establish the time for Fajar, that is, when they appear the same, I have separated the braids by a single white & black silk thread.

My thoughts also turn to black & white in relation to right & wrong; truth & error; honesty & deceit; belief & doubt; also moral & political matters facing us in our lives & world today. So many claim the truth, it seems others conceal it: the complexity deepens. Detail of 'Summer' braid for Lighten Our Darkness.

Jennie can be reached by e-mail.

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December 2005
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