Gallery 28a - Nora Rogers, USA

Braided Tapestries

The first of these braided tapestries is based on an Anatolian rug that was pictured on a note-card sent me by another braider, Barbara Nitzberg. Little did she know I would turn it on it's side and create a design in warp face that reflects that tribal rug of diagonal rows of triangles. I followed the color sequences as closely as I could, given my stock of yarns. It was a magical experience to start with sequences of color groups at the top that changed to a different position every 10 rows because of the diagonal movement of the color groups through each other.

Wool, 23.5" x 21" (59cm x 53cm)
For the second tapestry I chose to design the color sequences using a graphics program on the computer. I wanted to come up with something assymetrical and yet something unique with placement of the abstract forms that appeared in the first one. I used mathematics to come up with the sequences, and found one that produced a large diamond as well as some other shapes. Because of the computer drawing, I knew ahead of time what the design would more or less look like. It was still a magical experience moving the colors through each other. This is why braiding keeps me hooked.

Wool, 31" x 26" (78cm x 66cm)
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August 20, 2009
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