Gallery 4 - Carol Goodwin, USA

The Celadon Sampler necklace contains 8 separate beaded braids. All are 16-strand braids, made with silk, metallic threads, and seed beads. The large beads are hand-blown glass. The tassel contains aquamarines and pearls.
Carp in Kelp, this necklace starts with a loop of 8-strand braid. As it was joined an additional 8 strands of beads were included for a total of 24. There is a collar of peyote-stitch at the join and above the tassel. The carp is carved bone.
After my dog knocked this beautiful raku vessel by Kendall Coniff off my fireplace I designed this braid to cover the damage. It is a 28 strand marudai braid with two supplemental beaded wefts.
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Updated May 30, 2007
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