Ply-Split Gallery 1 - Ann Norman, England

Basket with doubled rope border. Diameter of top. 9"/23cm. Ann uses her own ropes for her plysplitting. To see more information on her rope making, click here. > Sample "primary squares" mat of SCOT (Single Course Oblique Twining). 7"/17cm square.

Sample "starfish" mat with combination of techniques. Diagonal length. 10"/ 25cm. Sample mat with dogtooth-like central pattern. Started at centre, alternating 2 solid red ropes with 2 ropes of 2 strands grey/2 strands white, in each direction. Length to tips of points. 12"/ 31cm.

Mini rug with structure-led random motifs. These appeared magically as I worked from the top down, with a TLOI variation (Two Layered Oblique Interlacing), involving splitting 2 red strands/ 2 blue strands alternately. Length 19"/49cm, Width 14"/36cm. Small rug using ropes with 2 strands grey brown and 2 strands of various colours. Length 24"/60cm.

Small rug, started by folding the central single blue rope ( with tassel) in half. Length 26"/64cm.


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Updated July 8, 2000
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