Gallery 12 - Linda Hendrickson
Linda Hendrickson has been doing some amazing things with ply-splitting. See her web site for more information.

Lotus Basket. This SCOT design evolved slowly over several months, as I tried this and that, and practiced a lot of "un-splitting"! Approximately 2" (5.08cm) high x 6-3/4" (17.15cm) wide, including fringe. Cotton, completed in March 2001.

This hat is made with Lamb's Pride worsted wool, a blend of 85% wool, 15% mohair, worked in SCOT. About 4" (10.16cm) high, 10-1/2" (26.67cm) wide including fringe. February 2001.

Linda models a hat made with one-color cords and worked in variations of SCOT. Note the rows that look like piping -- one wavy row between the top and sides (a neat way to make the transition), and three rows at the edge of the brim. No splitting is involved; each cord goes over two to the left, and then down out of the way (a basketry technique that I learned from Ann Norman). About 3-1/2" (8.89cm) high, 10" (25.4cm) wide. Wool, March 2001.

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Updated August 16, 2001
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