Gallery 14 - James Pochert

Comments from Jim: The footed baskets are new and the result of serendipity. I was looking at a square base of a piece and realised I could start a basket with a rectangular base, then saw that non-convex bases were also possible. I started a basket with a + shape and expected the shape of the base would be the shape of the top, but as the sides went upwards and I pulled the cords tight the center of the + pulled together, giving 4 rounded feet and a round shape at the top. I made some more with 5 feet and it worked the same. The finished baskets are very sturdy and keep their shape well. I think my original idea would work if the cords aren't pulled so tightly or are tightened against some type of frame, thus keeping the shape of the base up the sides.

Goddess tassels 4" and 5" tall (6.29")

Detail of a goddess tassels.

Angel ornament, 4.5"/

Gold footed cotton and linen 3" top diameter, 1.75" tall

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Updated July 10, 2001
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