Gallery 15 - Harryyyy, Pakistan
i am actually a medical student, 4th year, and have an interest in all sorts of handicrafts. so i am not a regular weaving student but i am learning online from various sites and have tried some small projects from home made small looms. my best wish for the present is to make an oriental carpet.
about the mats; i used wool for both of the mats and made 4 ply cords with it. each mat is made up of 30 cords. Linda Hendrickson helped me with the instructions and keeping the basic star pattern, i changed the design a bit.

i have tried projects from Linda Hendrickson's "Great Scot" and it was a real joy to make these colourful easy braids.

about myself; my name is harryyy and anyone is welcome to add as many yyyyy's as he/she likes. i live in Pakistan.

i started knotting at a very early age, the first knot was of my school shoe laces. here ply-splitting is not common, only available in the regions of Multan and Bahawalpur (our side of the Rajhistan Desert).

it was only two years back when i searched online for knotting and crafts and so i came to know about ply-splitting and tablet weaving etc.

my attempts at various crafts can be seen in my photo album.

i would like to thank Linda Hendrickson, Peter Collingwood and Janis Saunders for their kind help and encouragement.


Harryyy can be reached by e-mail if you have comments or questions.
Updated March 23, 2004
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