Gallery 16 - Y.N. Vivekananda, India

Necklace, 12"
Material: Short staple cotton cords (Thickness 2mm).
No. of cords: 5.
Started from center, concentrated on curves.

In loving memory of my late parents—Shri Yengaldas Narasimham, (textile technologist) and Shrimati Bhageerathi Bai of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Born on December 21, 1958 in a weavers’ community (Padmashali) of Andhra Pradesh, I am the son of late Shri Yengaldas Narasimham, who was a textile technologist from Victoria Jubilee Technological Institute in pre-Independence Bombay; my father was awarded a gold medal by the university for his accomplishments in the field of art and academics. He was the author of books titled Starving Weavers of India and World Textile: Past and Present which have greatly contributed to the lives of people belonging to the weaving and textile community. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Applied Arts from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad, India; I was awarded a gold medal for academic excellence in 1985. In 1987 I received a Master of Design (M. Des.) in Visual Communication from the Industrial Design Center, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) with distinction.

I am professional designer and associate senior faculty (professor) in the Communication Design discipline at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India. I have over two decades of professional experience comprising teaching, research, and practice in the field of Communication Design.

My passion for Ply-split braiding comes from the fact that I belong to the weavers’ community and had developed a deep interest in textiles at a very early stage of my life. In 1990–91, I was inspired by the Ply-split braiding techniques of my friend, Errol Pires Nelson, (Ply-Split Gallery 7) former faculty of Textile and Apparel Design at NID. This led me into further research on the various techniques of Ply-split braiding. I have been practicing this technique for over two decades now. In order to perfect my skills with the techniques of Ply-split braiding, I went through the processes of exploring, developing, practicing, and teaching. For me, the technique has its own charm and unique space in my life - I move cords, cords move me. I learn from these moves and keep moving on.

Published a paper on "Ply-split Braiding: A Technqiue of Developing Soft and Flexible Helicoidal Structures" in The Trellis Design+Research newsletter (June 2011: Volume 02, Issue 07) from the National Institute of Design, India with 39 images.

I make cords with the Bradshaw cord maker—all thanks to Louise French from the US.

I have been designing and developing digital templates for different moves of Ply-split braiding. These templates are easy to use and quick to visualise and accordingly they can be planed from making cords to produce an entire piece. These digital designs can not only help ply-split braiders, but would also allow the weavers, textile designers, braiders, and industries to pre-visualise flat and round linear braids.

I am interested in teaching and discussion, your comments are appreciated, I can be contacted by e-mail.

Bag, 6" to 8"
Material: Short staple cotton cords (Thickness 6mm).
No. of cords: 64.
Three starting points. Designed to be used on neck, shoulder, around the waist or as hand purse.


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