Gallery 18 - Sourendu Das, India
I come from the state of Orissa in India, which is well known for its craft heritage. I joined the National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad) as a student of textile design in 1997. During these 4 years of extensive study I was exposed to various textile media and techniques. What initiated my interest in ply split braiding was my fascination for the wonderful seamless garment made by Errol Pires.
To know more about ply split braiding I decided to learn and document this craft, which requires great deal of expertise and knowledge, right from its origin to the present day shape. I visited Jaisalmer, which lies in the desert land of Rajasthan. There I met Ishwar Singh Bhatti, who is a master craftsman of ply split braided camel belts. I spent a few days with this crafts person documenting the entire process of ply split braiding. This rendezvous with Ishwar Singh Bhatti initiated my passion for ply split braiding.
Errol taught me the basics of ply split braiding and Ishwar Singh was kind enough to share all his knowledge about this technique and craft with me. I always had a quest to explore new techniques so I used this technique in creating some products that are commercially viable.

Decorative belts: These are few explorations of POT and SCOT techniques to form decorative belts for young girls.

Climber wall piece: This wall hanging inspired by climbers is made using 4 ply cotton cords where a plaid transforms into free flowing interlaced braids and again return back to its original plaid design.

Entangle wall piece: This strip is made using both POT and SCOT technique where braided strands travel in and out of each other to form this beautiful wall piece.

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