Gallery 18a - Sourendu Das, India

Weaver’s nest: This unique lampshade is made using POT, SCOT and ply split inter-linked technique. The form of lampshade is inspired from weaverbird nest and is made from 4 ply cotton cords.
Jaali Dec pillow: This decorative pillow is inspired from the beautiful, intricate marble jaali work of Taj Mahal made by using 2-ply cotton cord with mix of ply split techniques.

Mélange top: This mélange look seam less top is made for teenagers keeping trendy and casual attitude in mind.
Bottle carry bags: These bottle carry bags are inspired from seamless garments made using ply split technique. What makes them unique is the fact that these are a good substitute for non bio degradable plastic carry bags and are more durable than paper bags apart from being stylish and trendy.

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Updated February 22, 2005
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