Gallery 20 - Ply-splitting
Yengaldas Vivekananda Kavya Sri, India

I am Yengaldas Vivekananda Kavya Sri from Hyderabad, India. I was born on 10th of June, 1994. I haven’t quite figured out yet what I’d like to be in the future but my parents, Y.N. Vivekananda and Y.V. Swaroopa are a source of constant encouragement. Ply split braiding in one of the things I am interested in. Looking at my dad manipulating the cords inspired me to learn and I started it as a kid when I was 14 years old. But back then, everything wasn’t as perfect as my father’s end products. I always wanted to do something like that. Then I figured out that a product like that is not only an end result of a very vivid imagination and creativity, but also being able to find a sort of fun in it.

This is the first product I could make in the recent years. It can hold a 13” laptop. When I started it I wasn’t aware that it would end up like this. I didn’t even know what color cords I’d use. But I was pretty happy when it did end so beautifully.


This is what my dad calls as a helical structure. I learnt it from him; its structure is a kind of replica (not exactly) of human DNA.


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March 14, 2015
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