Ply-Split Gallery 3

Vessel Shapes by Ann Norman

The first image is the beginning of the base of a POT bowl. Fine rayon with cotton. Cords 1/8 inch diameter. It shows the flat starting grid 10 x 10 cords, about 2 inches square, with the first circular row of "siding" POT completed. The rounded shape starts to appear after the third or fourth row. The center image is the Millennium Bowl viewed from the top. Fine rayon with cotton. POT using cords of 1/8 inch diameter in solid colours. Approximately 2 inches high. The third image is the view from underneath.

"Poppies" Bowl viewed from the top and from underneath. POT using rug wool. Cords of 1/4 diameter with strands of AABB . Splitting alternates under 2 dark, 2 light strands to give "colour and split" effect. Glass beads.Approximately 4 inches high.


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Updated July 8, 2000
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