Ply-Split Gallery 4

Flat Works by Ann Norman

Becket bracelet: mixed linens. Made directly onto the wooden ring by using the fold / refold technique of cord making with a drill (shown on page 22 in Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding by Peter Collingwood). Wall and crown knot.

"Field of Oil-Seed Rape"(Note: I believe in North America rape seed is used to make cooking oil. - JS). Ply-split Darning. Cords 3/8 ins diameter of rug wool. This is a very common country summer view here, with the dazzling yellow and the scent overwhelming everything. Cords lie horizontally, each carefully made to get the colour and effect wanted. All are connected closely together by another (hidden) set of cords which split straight through vertically. Height 8 ins, width 5 ins. Experimental, complete with errors noticed with annoyance when too late to go back and re-split!

Ploughed Field mat: 1/4 ins diameter cords of rug wool, with 2-colour AABB strand sequence. POT for central part (splitting alternately under 2 light strands, 2 dark), with 3 rows of PS darned border in plain colour cord. 9 ins square.

Small TLOI bag: Cords 3/8 ins diameter, more loosely twisted than usual, in AABB strand sequence. TLOI = Two-Layered Oblique Interlacing. The cords (showing as the fringe) are split in such a way that the fabric falls (quite magically) into two layers with, in this case, ready-joined selvages, as you work downwards. On the reverse is the opposite colourway of white with dark selvages. Length of bag 5 ins (not including fringe), width 4 ins, and big enough to hold all your credit cards plus some loose change, gripfid, scissors and a couple of favourite photos. (See page 145 in Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding by Peter Collingwood)

SCOT (SCOT = Single Course Oblique Interlacing.) braid with Twined Linking. Cords 3/8 inches diameter of rug wool, worked in conventional camel-owners way, by starting at the top with long cords and working downwards. Experimental piece to see what would happen to the beginning orderly spectrum of colours if I worked the twined linkings at various strategic places. The colours appear and disappear in intriguing ways. Width 2 and 1/2 inches. (see page 158 Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding by Peter Collingwood)


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