Ply-Split Gallery 4a

Yet More Vessel Shapes by Ann Norman

The ideas for these pieces came from the hedgerow flowers that are to be found around us in the summer and the dogtooth motif because our Irish Wolfhound puppy, at the time, had needle-sharp teeth....They show the weaverly "colour and split" qualities that can be obtained by using two-colour AABB cords and POT (Plain Oblique Twining). Technique of splitting them--all splitting alternately under 2 dark, 2 light strands. All these use 1/4 inch diameter cords of rug wool.

Under the Hedgerow bowl: wooden beads, height 2 1/2 inches, width 4 inches at top (not including fringe cords).

Dog Roses bowl: height 3 inches, width 8 inches at top.

Dogtooth bowl: height 3 inches, width 7 inches at top.

Dog Violets bowl: height 4 inches, width 6 inches and length 8 inches at top.


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Updated July 8, 2000
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