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Ply-Split Gallery 5a

Ply-Split by Rachel Hardy - Holland

I went on to do a mini-basket which ended up looking like an octopus (thing), it's about 1"/2.5cm square. I started by doing a square and then triangles at the sides, then I basically crossed over the sides of adjacent triangles and then did a couple of rounds when they were at the same hight as the triangles. I finished off doing triangles on the four sides again and the 'snaked' the cords two by two which resemble tentacles, too many I think, though.(All in POT by the way.)

The last was doodling more than anything, I started with 8 cords doubled and did six rows of SCOT and then the same six cords back the other way to form a vague zig-zag. I then divided them in two groups and tapered them off to the side to change direction and again to form a sort of square to each side. The ends came up to the side of the first bit and I put them through to the back, catching the side of the main bit. I finished off by doing POT with these cords and linked them in the middle so they form a sort of napkin-ring. Then I lost inspiration and fray-checked the ends. I hope someone invents a good way of finshing off without leaving ends or tassels (other than glue, that is).


This is the latest! A basket of two-ply seagrass, about 15 cm high.


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Updated October 23, 2001
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