Gallery 9 - Lynn Adams, USA

I am Lynn Adams, one of Linda Hendrickson's neophytes playing with ply-splitting; this is my second project. Its influences -- the spectacular wall hanging middle school students collaborated on, where the students improvised new effects -- this year's leaves lying wet-brilliant on the ground -- the dragons of Taiwanese art and architecture.

So it's named "The Dragon in Autumn." The dragons of Taiwan are long and winding, and have big eyes, lots of teeth, and legs with claws; the latter led me to think of my cord ends as the claws.

I chose the cords last fall, but didn't start exploring what I would do with them until I was on the plane to Taiwan to visit my daughter. During the intervals on buses and trains, I had so much fun trying things with this. Some of the effects are the result of being unable to remember what I was doing, or to visualize the effect of a change of procedure.

Lynn can be reached by e-mail.


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Updated June 24, 2001
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