Weaver's Hand

Ply-Split a PSsnake by Ann Norman

Try this little PSsnake with an ingenious 3D wriggling backbone.

Make yourself a 4 strand, Z twisted cord.

Fold in half.

Leaving a few strands unsplit at the fold, make the left cord split through right cord (L > R is a good shorthand way to describe it) and pull it through till the loop that will form the snake's "head" seems about the right size. The two cords have now changed places. Don't turn over.

Repeat (new left splits through new right), and pull up snugly.

Keep repeating L > R without turning over and pulling up snugly each time till you get to the end of the cords. In other words, the two cords split each other alternately.

Whip the tail to finish.


You may question which is the "correct" place to split the right hand cord. It doesn't matter. Experimenting will show that if you split high up under the previous split or pull each split up firmly, you will get an even more interesting result (try & see).

If your cord is a 2 x A, 2 x B colour contrast, and you keep splitting under the same two strands each time, it will give a snake of one colour with a wriggle of another. Magical!

If you then take hold of the tail, poke it through the head (beware of being bitten), form a "stopper" knot of some sort (which could be a smart wall and crown or a simple overhand knot) to prevent it coming back out again, you will have a " grommet". This, (you will by now have jumped to on your own), made in suitable fibres and sizes, could be made into a PSsnaky bracelet, earring, (nose/navel ring?) quoit, fetish, dog collar, key fob, cushion-with-a-hole for sufferers of you-know-what...etc. etc... Or it could just stay a grommet.

As a London spiv might have hissed at you during rationing post- World War 2,:.... "PSssss, wanna buy a grommet?".....

Coming to a window near you soon - Recipe for PSsnake Hot POT.

updated February 1, 1999
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