Articles from the TWIST Journal 1996 - Summer 2002

The first issue that had color is Fall 2000.
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Spring 1996
  • Cording Structure: The Structure of the Amazon Bracelet Now in CardWeaving by Karen van Gelder-Mauve
  • Helpful Hints for Weaving the Cording Structure by Linda Malan
  • Member Profiles - Lisa Ræder-Knudsen, Robert Schweitzer, Ursel Stüdemann, Karen van Gelder-Mauve
Summer 1996
  • A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands by Nancy Spies*
  • Threading and Manipulation of Tablets by Peter Collingwood*
  • A First Project by Joy Steemers*
  • A New idea for a Warp Spreader by Peace Weaver*
  • Heidi Stolte: Volunteer in an Open-Air Museum*
  • Brocaded Band, 12th Century: A Reproduction by Nancy Spies
  • Gallery - Janis Saunders*
  • Book Review by Linda Hendrickson - Brickvävning-Så In I Nornen (Tablet Weaving in the True Nordic Fashion) by Sonia Berlin Englund.*
  • A Belt from Bhutan by Claire Gérentet*
Fall 1996
  • Member Profiles - Barry Nestle, Koleka Martin
  • A Beginners Tale by Debbie Rindfleisch*
  • Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: Historical Uses for Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands by Nancy Spies*
  • A Tablet Weaving Vacation in Oregon by Arline McIntosh*
  • Peter Collingwood: Tablet Weaving Workshop by Kim McKenna*
  • Swiss Weavers Sample the Amazon by Bea Grob and Lotti Gygax
  • Gallery - Linda Hendrickson, Peter Collingwood, Ruth Mordy, Hope Thomas, Cindy Thorson, Janet Naylor, Marijke van Epen, Inge Dam, Theresa Parker*
  • Warp Spreaders by Gillian Beton*
  • Continuous Warp Technique by Deanna Johnson*
  • Book Review by Marty Hartford - The Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter Collingwood*
  • Book Review by Marty Hartford - Double-Faced Tablet Weaving : 50 Designs From Around the World by Linda Hendrickson.*
  • Book List for Tablet Weavers*

Spring 1997
  • An Improvised Tablet Weaving Loom by Aviva Peres*
  • Love Knot by Marty Hartford*
  • Binocular Case by Jim Bruen*
  • Weaving with a TWIST: Get Ready to Flip, Rotate, Turn by Linda Hendrickson (a reprint from Weaver's)*
  • Gallery - 1996 TWIST Sample Exchange*
  • Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: Part II, Uses on Church Textiles by Nancy Spies*
Summer 1997
  • Twists on the Pasaka Notion by Alexia Smith
  • Member Profiles - Diana Brenna*
  • Variations on a Threaded-In Pattern by Debbie Ott*
  • A Brief Look at Different Types of Tablets by Nancy Spies*
  • Why Make Your Own Tablets by Ruth Beck*
  • An Interview with Laura Morgan - Tablet Maker by Nancy Spies*
  • Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: Secular Uses by Nancy Spies*
  • Gallery - 1997 TWIST Sample Exchange, Sandra Meyer, Aviva Peres, Yukiko Hamada*
  • TWIST Glossary*
  • List of Suppliers for Tablet Weavers*
  • Museum Archives - Canada and USA by Nancy Spies*
  • TWIST Tablet Weaving Glossary*
Fall 1997
  • Diagonal Double Turn Tablet Weaving by Linda Malan*
  • Member Profile - Peace Weaver*
  • Creating Diagonal Double-Turn Patterns by Paul Doleman
  • Variations of Vine-like Diagonal Line Patterns by Paul Doleman
  • Tablet Weaving - Two Threads Per Tablet by Marijke van Epen
  • Warp Weighted Tablet Weaving by Sue Palterman*
  • Four Color Diagonal Pattern with Floats designed by Virginia Corman
  • Book Review by Janis Saunders: Woven Works by John and Susan Hamamura*
  • Recreating an Historical Cross Pattern from India by Paul Doleman
  • Sources of Fine colored Silk Threads by Nancy Spies*
  • Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: Secular Uses Part II by Nancy Spies*
  • Museum Archives - Austria, Belgium and the Czech Republic by Nancy Spies*
  • Another Warp Spreader by Wheat Carr and Henry Edwards*

Spring 1998
  • Double-Faced Tablet Weaving by Linda Hendrickson (a reprint from Weaver's)*
  • Continuous Warping with Playing Card Tablets by Sue Palterman*
  • Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: Secular Uses Part III by Nancy Spies*
  • Spirals and Triangles by Paul Doleman
Summer 1998
  • Tablet Weaving With Two Threads Per Tablet - Part II by Marijke van Epen
  • Making Authentic Tablets by Melanie Wilson*
  • Medieval Band Looms by Nancy Spies*
  • Gallery - Sima*
  • Member Profile - Otfried Staudigel: No Ordinary Weaver*
  • Very Small Tablets by Nancy Spies*
  • Portland Study Group by Linda Hendrickson
  • List of Suppliers*
  • Museum Archives - England by Nancy Spies
Fall 1998
  • Unit Turning Blocks for Designing Tablet Weavings by Bonnie Datta
  • Seattle Study Group by Linda Malan
  • A Tabletwoven Vest by Judy Chapman
  • Member Profile - Sibylle Hochheimer*
  • Iris Dozer: Maker of "Spun" Metallic Threads*
  • 1998 TWIST Sample Exchange*
  • Gallery - TWIST Exhibit for Convergence 1998*
  • Museum Archives - France by Nancy Spies*

Spring 1999
  • More Diagonal Line Tablet Weaving with Paul Doleman
  • The Impossible Tablet Weaving by Sue Palterman
  • Exploration of a Cross Pattern by Otfried Staudigel
  • The Band from Fort Miran by Jan de Vries translated by Amy Sikkema*
  • My Tablet Weaving Adventure in England and Holland by Linda Hendrickson*
  • Book Review by Nancy Spies - King Hereafter by Dorothy Dunnett*
  • Journal Review by Pam Howard - Strands - Newsletter from The Braid Society*
  • The Mystery of Pattern Notation by Nancy Spies (from her book Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance)*
  • Museum Archives - Germany by Nancy Spies*
Summer 1999
  • Tablet Weaving - What is the Perfect Weaving Setup? by Pam Howard*
  • Backstrap Tablet Weaving by Joann Geisler (with photos)*
  • A Warp Weighted Loom for Tablet Weaving by Bonnie Datta*
  • Energetic Earrings by Sue Palterman*
  • Traveling Tablet Weavers (four articles) by Linda Malan, Nancy Spies, Vivienne Jackson, and Kurt Laitenberger*
  • Six-holed Tablet Weaving by Bonnie Datta
  • Spaced Out Tablet Warps by Linda Hendrickson (a reprint from Weaver's Issue 40, Summer 1998)*
  • List of Suppliers*
  • Museum Archives - Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia by Nancy Spies*
Fall 1999
  • The Eventful Birth of The Techniques of Tablet Weaving by Peter Collingwood*
  • A Traveling Show: TWIST International Mini-Exhibition in England, July 1999 by Aviva Peres*
  • My Dream Trip by Inge Dam*
  • In Time for the Holidays - Ornaments by Nancy Spies*
  • An Iron Age Cloak with Tabletwoven Borders: A New Interpretation of the Medhod of Production by Lise Ræder Knudsen, Vejle Amts Konserveringsværksted, Denmark
  • Beginners Corner - Cereal Box Tablet Woven Shoelaces by Pam Howard*
  • Beginners corner: Cereal Box Tabletwoven Shoelaces by Pam Howard*
  • Gallery - Paul Doleman, Philippe Ricart, TWIST Sample Exchange*
  • A Twelfth Century Tabletwoven Band by Bea Grob

Spring 2000
  • Card Weaving by Candace Crockett*
  • TWIST International Exhibition - Seamgallery, Megadim, Israel by Aviva Peres*
  • Tabletwoven Double Faced Amulet Bag by Judy Chapman*
  • Tablet Weaving with Horse Hair by Bonnie Datta
  • Uses for Tablet Weaving by Judy Chapman*
  • Shirley Berlin in Swedish Lapland*
  • A Visit with the Celts in the Western Danube Area by Ute Bargemann*
  • TWInkle Loom: A Primer in Using an Inkle Loom for Tablet Weaving by Lynn Meyer*
Summer 2000
  • The Story of a Tabletwoven Bag by Marijke van Epen*
  • Gallery - Sibylle Hochheimer*
  • Another Approach to Weaving Diagonals by Linda Malan
  • A Shaped Tie Woven with Tablets by Peter Collingwood*
  • The Henry Loom (building your own TW loom) by David Swann*
  • Tablet Weaving with Linen by Carolyn Priest-Dorman*
  • Jules and Kathe Kliot: Owners of "Lacis", Long -time Textile Practitioners and Friends of Tablet Weaving*
  • Tabletwoven Christmas Ornaments by Nancy Spies*
  • The Mystery of Pattern Notation Revisited by Nancy Spies*
  • Singing Loom by Peace Weaver*
  • Introduction to Six-Holed Tablets by Bonnie Datta*
Fall 2000
  • The Web is for Weavers by Gudrun Polak*
  • TWIST History by Linda Malan*
  • TWIST's Itinerant International Mini-Exibition by Aviva Peres*
  • Book Review by Sara Goslee - Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance by Nancy Spies*
  • TWIST at Convergence 2000 Passementeries Exhibit*
  • Not for Computer Users Only by Janis Saunders*
  • The Handweavers Studio and Gallery in London by NancyLee Child*
  • TWIST Six-Hole Sample Exchange*
  • Bands from the State Museum of Art, in Tbilizi, Gruzia (Georgia)*
  • Alphabets by Nancy Spies*

Spring 2001
  • Tablet Weaving Travels to Peru*
  • If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now!! by Linda Flotow
  • Tablet Weaving for Garment Trimmings by Carolyn Priest-Dorman*
  • Card or Tablet Weaving?..Continuous Warp and Threaded in Patterns..Weaving Tension by Peter Collingwood*
  • Gallery - Ellen Shipley, Birgit Höffman, Paul Doleman*
  • Member Profile - Thoughts on Rosh haShannah; An Apple for Rosh hashannah by Haya Meyerowitz*
  • Tablet Weaving Musings by Paul Doleman
  • TWIST International Exhibition at the French Cultural Center, Haifa, Israel by Aviva Peres*
  • Errata and New Information for Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance by Nancy Spies*
  • Summer 2001
    • Notes from New Zealand by Lyndsay Fenwick*
    • Spaced-Out Tablet Weaving : Tablet-woven Scarves by Linda Hendrickson (a reprint from Weaver's Magazine)*
    • The Stole Attributed to St. Kunibert by Nancy Spies*
    • Rare Book by Janis Saunders*
    • Tablet Weaving Travels to Peru - Part 2 by Patricia Townsend*
    • Gallery - Rose Garrett, Judy Chapman*
    • Looking for "Tiberias" Belts by Aviva Peres*
    • Book Review by Marijke van Epen - Tablet Weaving Magic by Otfried Staudigel*
    • Where do you weave?? by Janis Saunders*
    • Book List*
    • Resources*
    Fall 2001
    • Sample Exchange: Weavers Choice*
    • Tablet Weaving from Sulawesi, Indonesia by Marijke van Epen
    • A Tablet Weaver's Reed by Otfried Staudigel*
    • Another Tablet Weaving to Ponder by Ursel Studemann*
    • Threading direction in Tablet Weaving Magic by Peter Donnolo*
    • Tablet Weaving in Cyberspace*
    • Margarethe Lehmann-Filhés by Annelies Hart*
    • Tablet Weaving Exhibition at Breda, The Netherlands by Marijke van Epen*
    • Gallery - from the Exhibition, Candace Crockett, Kurt Laitenburger.*
    • Weaving Extra Fine by Michael Cook*
    • A Brocaded Belt from Bhutan by Aviva Peres*
    • More on Turkish Bands by Barbara Focke*
    • Le Tissage Aux Cartons, first Installment, translation from the French by Barbara Shapiro*

    Spring 2002
    • The Ergonomics of Tablet Weaving* by Otfried Staudigel
    • More on the Curious Turkish Band* by Barbara Focke
    • Advice for the Brocading Beginner* by Robert Schweitzer
    • Tablet Weaving with Two Threads - Brocaded Bands from Latvia by Marijke van Epen
    • A Tabletwoven Coin Pouch by Claire Gerentet
    • Seattle Card Weaving Study Group Studies Missed-hole Technique by Linda Malan
    • Gallery - Seattle Study Group - Yehuda Shachar - Claire Gerentet
    • Warp-Twined Tablet Weaving and Your Floor Loom by Inge Dam
    • Yehuda Shachar's Tabletwoven Jewelry by Aviva Peres
    • Tablet Weaving in Cyberspace* by Linda Hendrickson
    • Le Tissage Aux Cartons, second installment, translation from the French by Barbara Shapiro*
    Summer 2002
    • A Response to Russell Groff -- 21 Years Later by Nora Rogers
    • TWIST Members Publish this Summer; Versatile Tablets by Marijke van Epen, And EPAC Begat Wyverns by Nancy Spies, Please Weave a Message: Alphabet Graphs for Double-Faced Tablet Weaving*
    • Card Weaver's Surf-BoardTM by Arlene Klotz*
    • Solid Block Missed Hole by Teresa Taylor
    • Anne Blinks Textile Studfy Collection Now Online by Nora Rogers*
    • German Tablet Weavers Meeting 2002 in Dalheim by Guido Gehlhaar*
    • Gallery - Bands from Dalheim, Sandra Tillmann, Sylvia Crumbach, Christin Barthelmie, Ilona Gehlhaar, Marijke van Epen, Gjido Gehlhaar. Cover story image by Nora Roberts.*
    • Ruth Bright Mordy by Jan Myers-Newbury*
    • More Diagonals and a TWIST-Free Pattern Without a Reversal Line by Carla Gladstone
    • Le Tissage Aux Cartons, third installment, translation from the French by Barbara Shapiro*

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