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Contact Judy Chapman via her web site for classes and schedule.
Michael Cook weaves, sews, knits, makes soap, spins, draws, dances, and cooks, in the belief that specialization is for insects. See his web site Wormspit "a site about silkworms, silkmoths and silk."
Inge Dam's web site has great photos of her loom woven textiles with tabletwoven bands as well as information about the workshops and seminars that she offers.
Pam Howard has been involved in some type of fiber arts since she was a child and is a former staff member of HGA's Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot. She has taught at such places as the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina; The Augusta Heritage Center, Elkins, West Virginia; South East Fiber Forum, Jackson Mississippi; and guilds in the southeast. She enjoys putting that spark of creativity into a beginning tablet weaver's mind. Pam likes to show them that tablet weaving is not just another pretty band but, can be used for many different things. Pam is the Southeastern US representative for TWIST. Pam can be reached by e-mail.
Go to Linda Hendrickson's web site for information about teaching schedule, publication and tools.
John Malarky offers seminars and workshops on his website .

Please e-mail me with new workshop information, be sure to include a contact name and address. Remember, we are an international organization so tablet weaving workshops anywhere in the world are of interest.

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April 22, 2010

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